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Our first ever SIA Impact Report is live!

Read about the origins of SIA, what our Social Innovation Fellows and Summer Analysts have accomplished since May 2019, and what we’ve learned about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Kickstart your journey in social impact with the Social Innovation Academy.

You already know that environmental and social issues matter to you. Our programs help you hone your skills, virtually, and put them to use on projects with purpose-driven organizations, in real life.

Impact Exchange Montreal Photo
Impact Exchange Montreal Photo

Our Programs

Fellowship Program September — April

Analyst Program May — August

Fellowship Program


Our Fellowship Program focuses on developing core skills and knowledge for a career in social innovation and social finance.

Analyst Program


Our Summer Analyst Program places you in internships across the country with social innovation organizations such as impact investment funds, incubators, accelerators.

How do I get started?

Those pursuing traditional careers have the benefit of knowing their next steps and how to pursue the careers they want. If you feel unsure on how to navigate the social innovation and social finance sector, you’re not alone.

We can shed light on how to identify the necessary skills and knowledge needed in an impact role, and take the steps to help you find your dream job.

Career Maps

Career paths in impact of all shapes and sizes.

Social Enterprises

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, as long as they exist to advance a social, cultural, or environmental mission. Our scope of work is inclusive of for-profit social enterprises, non-profits, charities, and co-operatives. ​

Who we have worked with:

How big is your challenge?


You’ve identified the problem and are ready to get to work. The challenge can be broken down into bite-sized tasks.

Challenges are 8-week projects led by SIA Fellows during the academic year. Dedicating 5-10 hours/week, Fellows are mentored by industry professionals throughout the process.


A business problem that needs some serious thinking. You need a fresh set of eyes to provide some creative solutions.

Projects are supported by our full-time summer analysts. Under the guidance of social innovation experts, our analysts undertake an in-depth project with you.


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