2019 – 2021



Our report is many things in one, including: the SIA story, a glossary for those new to social innovation and social finance, and a (very basic) equity, diversity, and inclusion toolkit.


We’re proud of how far we’ve come in the past two years. Beyond the number of youth and impact organizations we’ve been lucky to meet and support, we could never have dreamed of the community that we would create and foster, mainly just through Zoom.


It’s this community, comprised of hundreds of SIA participants and impact organizations, that we want to highlight above all else. Along with this sense of community comes our responsibility to improve our practices and programming to be more equitable and more inclusive.


We hope you enjoy following along with our journey, learnings, and reflections!


Even though this was our first impact report, we wanted to do things a little differently and design something that would provide tangible value for readers. When you read through our report, you’ll find:

  • A National Land Acknowledgement: This report was created by people who live and work on the unceded territories of many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples. We start our cross-country meetings and events with gratitude, recognition, and our commitment to reconciliation and decolonizing our programs, and it felt only right to do so in our report as well.

  • A Glossary of Social Innovation and Social Finance Terms: We’ve all been in meetings and information sessions where we don’t know what buzzword or acronym has just been used. For anyone who is exploring the social innovation and social finance ecosystem for the first time, welcome! It’s our hope that you feel comfortable asking questions and Googling words that are new to you (we do it all the time).

  • An Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Toolkit: While just a starting point, we’ve summarized our main tips for integrating EDI into your organization’s recruitment and management practices.

We welcome feedback: please contact us at hello@socialinnovationacademy.ca.