Part 1: E-waste and the Environment

Financial Modelling 101

Before we build a financial model, we want to situate the course in an environmental issue: electronic waste. Please read through the resources provided below.

The Basics

What is e-waste?

Click the button below for an overview of the e-waste problem.
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What is planned obsolescence?

"Planned or programmed obsolescence refers to the deliberate shortening of a product’s useful life by the manufacturer in order to increase consumption."
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The Pollution Haven Hypothesis

"The idea is that polluting activities are more likely to be performed in countries with loose environmental policies"
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The Problem

“Introduction to e-waste recycling” |  Read more

“Electronic waste is recycled in appalling conditions in India” |  Read more

China – World’s dumping ground for Electronic Waste (CNN) | Watch video

“Informal recycling of electronic wastes in developing countries: challenges and solutions” | Read more | Download PDF here

Possible Solutions

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility overview | Read here

“Making manufacturers pay for recycling helps cities, more than anything, specialist says” | Read more

Government Bans

Basel Convention Overview | Read more

“China’s ban on imports of 24 types of waste is a wake up call to the world” | Read here

“The world is scrambling now that China is refusing to be a trash dumping ground” | Read more

“The Aftermath of China’s Waste Ban” | Read more

“China’s most notorious e-waste dumping ground now cleaner but poorer” | Read more

Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation concept overview | Read here

“The world’s e-waste is a huge problem. It’s also a golden opportunity” | Read more

Producer Buy-Back Programs

“How Apple’s Daisy iPhone recycling robot works” | Read here

“Responsible Recycling: Dell Bans E-Waste Exports” | Read more