Financial Modelling 101

What happens to our company if we’re able to exceed our targets? How much longer until the company runs out of cash? Financial modelling helps us answer these questions.

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No matter what organization you work with, you will likely come across some form of financial modeling, whether it’s for budgeting or accounting/bookkeeping, or for raising capital and valuing a company. In all of these cases, you’ll have to design a model that considers many different variables, such as planning for different scenarios or compiling market data to forecast how your organization will fare financially.

Having a basic understanding of financial concepts as well as best practices for designing a financial model will take you a long way.

In this course, you will learn about the issue of electronic waste and build a simple income statement model on Excel. For those of you who are new to finance and/or Excel, this may be a little overwhelming – don’t worry, we’ll provide plenty of resources to help you out:

  • You can message Bruno on Slack anytime.
  • We’ll also upload a tutorial video that takes you step-by-step through the financial model.
  • You’ve been added to a Slack Channel “Learning” – feel free to ask questions on there and we’ll get back to you promptly!

For those of you who are experienced with accounting, finance, and/or Excel, you may have already learned some of the concepts we go through in this training module. Feel free to take this exercise one step further and tell us what you’d do differently! The model you’ll build is, while not elementary, simpler than a formal financial model.

Part 1. Sector overview research note 

Part 2. Financial model basics worksheet

Part 3. EWRC income model

Part 1. E-waste & the Environment

Part 2. Building Blocks

Part 3. Building the Model