Summer Projects

Details and Application Instructions


Summer Projects are 10-week projects issued by impact organizations, completed by one or two SIA Summer Impact Analysts from June 7 – August 13, 2021. SIA Analysts are trained in skills needed to support impact-driven work, and bring impact experience, skills, and dedication to your team.


Each Analyst will be able to commit 7 hours to each project per week, totalling either 70 or 140 hours of total project time, depending on whether you need one or two Analysts. Each Analyst is mentored by an SIA Team Advisor.


We will select between 7-10 projects for Summer 2021.



  • Project scope: Larger strategic problems
  • Duration: 10 weeks from June 7 – August 13, 2021
  • Project time: Either 70 or 140 hours
  • Team structure: Team of one or two SIA Analysts with SIA Advisors
  • Project cost: Between $500 – $2000, depending on your organization’s ability to pay. If this fee is not feasible for your organization, please let us know in the application Google Form – we don’t want the cost to be a barrier for you if you need the support.


  • You are an organization with a social, environmental, and/or cultural mandate. We are open to all forms of organizations, including start-ups, small businesses, co-operatives, non-profits, and charities.
  • You are headquartered in Canada or you have a significant amount of operations in Canada.
  • You have an interesting project that can be completed in 10 weeks.


You can download the application questions below before submitting via Google Form:


Download our Summer Project Overview and learn more about how you can work with SIA Analysts in Summer 2021.


Applications for Summer 2021 Projects will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Sunday, May 16, at 11:59pm PT.