Summer Internship

Details and Application Instructions

Host skilled Summer Analysts, with hands-on experience in the Canadian social innovation and impact investing ecosystem, ready to contribute meaningfully to your organization. 


We are seeking partners, Canada-wide, to host SIA Summer Analysts for a 14-week internship in Summer 2022. Analysts are youth from across Canada who have just completed the Social Innovation Fellowship or Social Value Fund Associate Program, which expose them to social impact principles and technical skills needed to provide value to our sector.


Eligible organizations include: impact investing funds, social impact incubators/accelerators, advisory or consulting firms, think-tanks, networks, programs, educators.



  • Internship Timeline: May 9 – August 12, 2022
  • Analyst Commitment: 28 hours per week per Analyst. Partners can be matched with up to two Analysts. Each Analyst will dedicate their  remaining 9 hours per week to a national-scale project managed by the Social Innovation Academy.
  • Recruitment Support: SIA will draft job descriptions. manage written application submissions, and coordinate the interview process for all partners.
  • Internship Program Management: SIA convenes all Analysts on a weekly basis for cohort-wide team meetings, a speaker series, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Fee to Partner Organization: $2750.00 CAD (25% of total salary) per Analyst, with the remaining 75% covered by SIA subsidies. SIA does not exclude applications solely on the basis of funding, should this fee be a barrier. If the fee/Analyst is not feasible for your organization, please let us know in the application form.


  • Trained Analysts with Relevant Skills: Analysts come into the internship with a strong understanding of the Canadian social innovation and social finance sector, exposure to concepts like impact measurement and design research, and knowledge of how to bring an equitable and inclusive lens to their work.
  • No Administrative Burden: SIA will manage the funding, hiring, and payroll processes for your organization, so you can focus on making an impact with your Analysts.
  • Talent Pipeline: Many previous partners have converted their Summer Analysts into long-term contracts of full-time hires.


  • You are an intermediary with a mandate to support the development of the Social Innovation and Social Finance sector in Canada. Eligible organizations include: impact investing funds, social impact incubators/accelerators, advisory or consulting firms, think tanks, networks, programs, educators.
  • Your organization is headquartered in Canada.
  • Your organization will designate a manager to be responsible for the learning experience of the Analyst(s).
  • You are committed to providing an exceptional experience for Analyst(s) which will challenge them intellectually while prioritizing their wellbeing and personal growth.


  1. Submit an application by Friday, December 10, 2021 at 11:59pm PT.
  2. If your application is successful, the SIA team will contact you during the week of December 13 with confirmation and a draft of your internship job description(s) and application instructions.
  3. The job descriptions and application instructions will be made accessible to Social Innovation Fellows and Social Value Fund Associates before they start their winter break (latest December 22). 
  4. In January, we will support your team in reviewing written applications and coordinating the interview process.
  5. Note: In the event that you do not find the right fit from the pool of existing Fellows and Associates, the application process will be opened up to external candidates.


You can download the full application before submitting via Google Form:


Learn about the organizations that hosted Analysts in Summer 2021.


Submissions will be reviewed until Friday, December 10.